Headshots & Personal Branding

I love to work with small independent businesses and entrepreneurs in Shropshire to create unique images for their brand identity.

Headshots are a great way for potential clients to meet you and your team and get a feel for your business. I recommend headshots be taken on location in your natural working surroundings however we can plan your headshot session in the studio or anywhere you wish! My aim is to make sure all of your team are relaxed so we can let their genuine expression and personality shine through.

Personal branding photography goes much further than a headshot and is less formal. It incorporates portraits, headshots, detailed product and premises photography, documentary photography and much more! It tells your story, makes you and your business more approachable and elevates your brand. Perfect for use on social media, marketing and PR campaigns to inspire trust in potential clients and make you memorable.

Photography for your business is important whether you’re an accountant or a beauty therapist and as a small business standing out from the crowd is vital.